11 March, 2009

Dog attack

I took Ned for his walk last evening. He only has two or three a week because of my feet problems.

We were nearly home when a large dog (probably a German Shepherd cross) charged down the driveway of his owner's house and grab Ned around the head/neck area. Well, Ned wasn't having any of that. He clamped his mouth on the other dog's front leg. The owners of the other dog came running out and told their dog to go around the back, which fortunately it did, with a limp. Their side gate was open because they had been out and had just returned home.

By this time, my heart felt like a lump of lead in my chest. I picked Ned up to see if he was OK and he appeared to be no worse for wear, just a bit moist around the neck from the other dog's mouth. I think collar and harness plus the two leads I had on him stop any damage from occuring.

Two nights previously, in the same street, another large, white dog charged out of owner's front yard and across the road to have a go at Ned. I had time to pick Ned up and held him so my back was to the dog and Ned couldn't see it. I didn't have time to pick Ned up last night.

This is the third time in the four years I've had Ned that a large dog as "gone" him. The first one was a German Shepherd. No wonder he doesn't like large dogs anymore. Ned is a Jack Russell cross, but more Jack Russell that anything else, I think.