30 June, 2008

Socks and things

I finished the JT2/Genie Jeanie socks this morning. I am very pleased with the way the pattern turn out and I am thinking about selling the pattern. Not sure yet, need some thinking about before I jump in. Probably needs a test knit to make sure it is understandable.

Ned found the socks a warmer place to sit than a paver on a cold, wet and windy day.

Knitting group meeting tonight. A number of us meet at a hotel on Monday evenings between 6:00 and 8:30 pm and knit and crochet together. We are part of Adelaide's Ktog group and have been meeting for about 18 months.

I resumed Alison's blanket with sleeves tonight at the group. The pattern, minus the sleeves she wants me to add, was published in a Interweave Knits magazine and was called Saffron Cables. The blanket I'm knitting is a pinky red with a purple/blue border and not saffron yellow. I bought loads of the wool at a deceased estate sale and it will probably cost me about $16 instead of about $150-200 retail. It's slow knitting because it has a lot of cabling.

28 June, 2008

Front garden

I have spent several months gradually renovating the front garden. I try to do a bit each day and I'm starting to see the results.

I've reduced some of the lawn area and removed bushes that died because of water restrictions over last summer. New plantings included some native grasses and other drought resistant bushes. For borders in the garden where it meets the lawn, I have planted medium height mondo grass. There are pavers laid as stepping stones that go from the lawn to the gas meter box, so whoever does the meter reading doesn't have to tread on the new garden. Between the pavers, I've planted short mondo grass.

Yesterday, I removed some more dead bushes and severely trimmed back three others. They haven't been done for years. Even found a newspaper dated January 2008 that had been thrown in the bushes instead of up the driveway. I still have several bushes to go, but they will have to wait until August, as next month is rose pruning month.

In our area we have a fortnightly service that takes green waste placed in a big wheely bin - prunings, weeds, grass clippings, etc. Anything that will compost. This means it will take me quite awhile to gradually get rid of all the prunings.

This week, I have also planted beetroot, lettuce and silver beet seeds. I hope I have some luck. I seem to have green fingers for gardening, except for raising plants from seed sown straight into a garden bed. I think I may have a bird and/or snail problem. Netting will fix the birds, but I can't put snail bait down because of darling dog, Ned.

Meanwhile, I have nearly finished the pair of socks from the yarn I won in a draw on the Ivy Shawl KAL Yahoo site.

25 June, 2008

Adding to blog

I have no idea what I am doing, but by following instructions, I now have a favourite blog list started. Now to add pictures.

Today I finished the first sock of the JT2 pair I'm knitting with Opal Petticoat Cotton I won as part of a prize in a draw. I love the colours. JT - in honour of Jeanie Townsend, the amazing socks and shawl knitter and designer. In the photograph, I have just passed the heel.

24 June, 2008


Everything has a beginning. Starting a blog, this blog, is something new for me. Entries will probably not be all that frequent, but time will tell.