19 August, 2008

No holiday

Well, I never left yesterday for my holiday with my aunt. I've put it off for three weeks. I woke about 4 am feeling dizzy and a bit "oomy".

Felt a bit worse by 7:30 am. Younger son came from work and took me to doc. I have a mild case of viral meningitis! Would you believe it? It's mainly a childhood complaint - just confirms I'm in my second childhood:-) Still, it could have been worse if I had taken ill today - 400 kms from home with a 94 year old aunt with me! I do hope she doesn't get it as I took her back to my place on Sunday afternoon and she stayed overnight so we could get a good start in the morning -haha. Her son came and took her back home. Of course, even worse, it could have been baterial meningitis and I would had to go straight to hospital and on to anti-biotics immediately. Boy, am I glad I didn't have that.

The sister I was supposed to be visiting arranged with my brother (who just arrived back yesterday from a 4 month UK trip) to give me an electric blanket and he brought it over this afternoon. Didn't come inside incase the v.m. is still catchy. I have thought occasionally about getting an elec. blanket, but I usually warm up after a bit when I go to bed, especially if I wear my handknitted woolly socks. So I've been spoilt. I've just put it on my bed. Will see how it goes tonight.

15 August, 2008


Frantically spring cleaning. I like to come back from a holiday to a clean and tidy house, even though it is not that tidy most of the time. Hate housework.

I leave to visit my sister next week. It's a long drive and I am taking my aunt with me for company. Also she hasn't seen sis's house for about 8 years and a lot has been done around the place since then.

Ned goes to the kennels on Sunday afternoon and then I pick up my aunt. She will stay here until we leave.

I finally (sort of) got the hang of the sat. nav. device. I printed off some of the manual. This time it paid to follows directions and not try to work it out for myself.

05 August, 2008

Waiting, blanket

Seems I am always waiting for something. At the moment, I'm still waiting for the home cable of the nat. sav. device. Better though, I am waiting, impatiently, for my trip away to begin. I shouldn't wish my life away.

I lost a poor little goldfish yesterday. Only a young one. Maybe just too cold for it or maybe there are just too many in the pond and it was "natural selection" time for it. The pond seems to hold about a dozen fish comfortably. If I put any more than that in, the fish seem to die until I have about 12 again.

Nothing exciting has happened since the last entry. As usual. Weather cold and a bit damp. Suppose to be worse tomorrow. I'll have to see if I can get in a walk for the dog today.

Granddaughter's blanket with sleeve is slowly growing. Two and a half patterns done. A half a pattern to go and I can start the openings for the sleeves. There is a total of four patterns with moss stitch borders.