29 July, 2008

Nav. sat. device

Well, it working again. Today I discovered that I have the TomTom GO 910. The box says that it is supposed to be 710. I really think I have been given a demo model. I wonder if someone bought a 710 in an 910 box? Tandy rang today to says that they have tracked down a home cable and I should have it within a week. The device won't charge from the USB on the computer. It has to be connected to power, hence, I guess, home cable.

Just have to wait and see.

28 July, 2008

Sat. nav. again

Plugged the device into the cigarette lighter this morning to charge it enough to show the store that it's not working. B.h.! It is working now!! So I'm keeping it for now. There's a two year guarantee on it so if it plays up in that time I can return it. Missing power cord and adapter for UK to be order from Sydney today.

Still got to sort out the "over the 30 days for map update" message I received. Probably have to get in touch with their support team.

26 July, 2008

More about the sat. nav./GPS device

After returning from visiting the shop where I bought the sat. nav. and having lunch, I plug the thing back into the computer. It took an age to see if there were any updates - so long that I left it to it and went on with something else. Sometime later when I returned, the screen was blank.

"Hello," I thought. "Must need recharging."

Connected it to the car cigarette lighter and left it for 3/4 of an hour. Little green light showed that it was connected. Still couldn't get it to turn on. Screen still blank. It's as if all the info has been wiped and the computer can't find it. My phone, through bluetooth, can't connect either.

?(%&#!)>! Now what's wrong with it?!! It's going to be returned on Monday - definitely.


I bought a GPS device yesterday. Unpacked it. Linked to my phone (Bluetooth). I presume it install updates. It took so long I left it and came back later.

Then I check the bit and pieces that came with it and, with my usual luck, the cable to enable it to be charge from the power point is missing. I don't use the car enough to keep the thing fully charged and I'm not sure if I left it attached to the cigarette lighter in the car whether I would end up with a flat battery.

It is telling me also that I'm passed the 30 days that I can get a free up-to-date map. What! I only bought it yesterday.

I am also unable to access the menu so I can "buy" an updated map. Boy. I am one unhappy chappy. Now I know why it was $58 dollar cheaper that the original price!!

Today I called back into the shop where I bought the wretched thing from and they are going to order the power cable for me on Monday. It has to come from Sydney (to Adelaide). I have a fortnight to return the device if I find I don't want it. At the moment, there's a good chance of that.

23 July, 2008

Saffron cables blanket

I have now reached half way on granddaughter's blanket. The picture show the blanket at a few rows into the second pattern. There is a total of four patterns to knit for the blanket.

I bought the wool for it at a deceased estate sale and the whole blanket will cost not much over $20.

Nothing was done over summer, too hot, or autumn, too busy with other projects. At the rate I'm knitting it at the moment, it will take at least another couple of months.

21 July, 2008


Next month my aunty and I are driving about 1200 kms (each way) to visit my sister and husband. Date chosen. Dog booked into boarding kennels for at least 12 days. Need to book car in for service. I was debating about getting cruise control but I've decided to get a GPS device instead. I hope my knee can survive the trip.

I've planted some white onions seedlings and some red and brown onion seeds. I hope I have better luck that I had with the last lot. A multitude came up and the birds demolished them all. I'd planted them too close to pine log edgings and the birds dug them up while trying to get to whatever they were after under the logs.

The assorted lettuces are going well - covered with bird netting. That keeps the little blighters off! Some beetroot up and I've planted more seed. Coloured silver beet seems to be going OK. The birds haven't attacked that as yet.

The potato plants are looking good, but I have to keep checking the dirt over the base of the plants as the birds - yes, them again - dig the dirt away and expose the potatoes. Consequently, if they are not recovered with dirt, they go green. I've put some scraps of shade cloth around some and straw around others. The little b.... will probably still removed the straw.

Planted a grapevine and prune the existing one. I have to attack the peach tree next.

Meanwhile, I have actually knitted half of granddaughter's blanket. Yeh!

16 July, 2008


Some of the ex members of the Aussie Safari Caravan Club met for lunch today, as we do every third Wednesday of each month. One of our group turned 80 years old last Sunday, so we had birthday cake and candles for him. The founder of the Club has attended the last few lunches and is doing remarkable well for a 93 year old. His wife died last year after a long illness, so he wasn't able to come to the lunches before.

While we were there, we heard that another couple, who usually come to the lunches but had gone to Queensland for a couple of months, had the axle of their caravan break on them. About $500 to have it fix. It's bad enough to have to pay exorbitant petrol prices, so caravan repairs are something caravanners don't need.

13 July, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Today was a lovely sunny day but a bit windy. I spent sometime this afternoon weeding the front lawn and planting more mondo grass. That was followed by the pruning of the roses in the backyard. July is "prune the roses back hard" month.

I have been knitting about 4 rows a day on Alison's blanket. At that rate, I should be finished in about three months. The middle joint in my right thumb doesn't like the heavy wool and thick needles so four rows a day is enough. Only a couple of rows today though as I went out for dinner tonight.

I am also knitting myself a cardigan to go with socks I knitted previously. It's being knitted with Regia 4 ply sock yarn. I called the socks Joseph socks.

07 July, 2008

Socks and dog.

I finished my Left Over socks yesterday and I rather like them. A combination of Patonyle, Opal and Regia yarn. I wasn't sure about these when I started, but I wore them this morning when I took Ned to the vet for his annual vaccination.

Ned is fine except that he has to have some plaque removed from one of his top teeth on the left hand side of his mouth in the near future. Had his toe nails trimmed, too. This is the first time that he has had them done. I guess it is a result of not getting as many walks as he used to. He didn't get one today either as the weather was too wet. Maybe tomorrow as the weather is supposed to clear a bit in the afternoon before another cold front descends on us.
Ned's a bit soppy tonight. He wants to sit on me. I had him on my lap for awhile, but I put him down because I wanted to get on with my granddaughter's blanket. He just sat there looking at me for about an hour. Perhaps the vaccination has some affect on how he's feeling.
When I finally put the knitting down and came up to this cold room and the computer, he came too, but he didn't stay long as the other room is so much warmer. Comfort before attention:-)

03 July, 2008

Birthday excursion, Murray river mouth,

Left about 9:30 am to visit my sister. It's her birthday tomorrow, but her husband is taking her out for a special lunch, so I went today. It's about 110kms from my place.

I picked up our aunt on the way down. She will be 94 in August - she certainly doesn't look that age.

We arrived about 11:45 am after stopping to buy something yeasty to have after lunch. After we arrived, we were informed that we were all going to a hotel for lunch. So off we went. The other three had fish which looked quite nice, but I had chicken schnitzel which was overcooked. Vegies were good, though.

After lunch, we drove to the river Murray mouth. Dredging has been going on there for about two years to keep the river mouth open. The river Murray needs another flood desperately, but it won't be this year. We could see and hear the breakers of the ocean against the mouth.

We also had a look at the place in Goolwa my sister live in 20 odd years ago. The area has certainly change. So much building going on.

I gave my sister a pair of long socks. She seemed pleased. She gave me several bags of books and magazines. They should keep me going for several years, as I don't read as much as I used to. I do a lot of knitting instead. I've never managed to do both at once.

02 July, 2008

Left Over Socks

The blanket has been temporarily abandoned again. I started another pair of socks yesterday using the remainders of other pairs I have knitted. I'm calling them "Left Over Socks" for the obvious reason. I think I may have enough for two pairs.

The weather fined up a bit this afternoon so I took Ned for a walk. I don't do it as often as I used to as my feet (toes actually) have arthritis in them and, because I tend to favour them when I walk, it plays havoc with my right knee at times. So walks are now down to about twice a week instead of every second day.