19 February, 2009

Luncheon and accident

I went to lunch yesterday with some friends that were members, as I was, of a now defunct caravan club . We meet on the third Wednesday in each month. It was the usual good lunchtime meeting. I really enjoy getting together with old friends.

On the way home, I called into a shop to get a black ink refill for my printer. Left the shop and about 500m away I realised that I had left my clip-on sunglasses behind. Return to the shopping complex and parked the car. Then I check my purse one more time to make sure I didn't have the glasses tuck down in a corner somewhere. Next thing - bang. My car had rolled back and hit the bumper bar of the car behind me. I FORGOT TO PUT ON THE HANDBRAKE!!! How many years have I been driving? Only about fifty.

Naturally it had to be a BMW on the receiving end of my car. No damage to my car that a bit of car polish won't remove, but I put a small horizontal dent about 20cm long by 0.5cm wide in his back bumper bar. Of course, the whole bumper bar will be replaced. Wouldn't like to hazard a guess on the cost. Fortunately, I'm insured, but it still cost me $400 excess. So, it turned out to be an expensive day out. Feeling a bit depressed about it today.

On the Friendship Blankets - almost finished another square. I handed out some flyers yesterday. Most to those I had lunch with and one to the hotel that is also having a Bushfire appeal.

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